The Gospel/Spirituality

God Tools - A phone app that helps you share the Gospel. Published by Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ - A website that has Biblical answers to common spiritual questions


Planning Center Online - Worship team scheduling and music management system

OpenSong - Free open source charting and lyric projection software 

Heart of an Artist - Rory Noland - A great book on how to understand yourself as an artist working in the church

CCLI - Licensing management organization for Christian organizations


KorgForums - An online resource for Korg keybords

ValleyWAC 2017 Keyboard session notes

TJ’s Korg Kronos setup walkthrough


Improving Sound Quality By Reducing Stage Volume

Stage to Sound Communication - An article written for musicians to help them work with the sound person to get the monitor mix they need

Why Churches Buy Three Sound Systems - A great article on how to do it right the first time when shopping for a new sound system

Visual representation of the frequency spectrum of various instruments

Acoustical treatment guide - This is a vendor’s book and is at least partially intended to try to sell you things, but it is worth a read anyway as the principles are sound. Note that in any commercial building (churches are included), any sound treatment materials must be fire retardant.

Over-under cord wrapping tutorial

ValleyWAC 2017 Audio Mixing 101 session notes


Recommended Audio Equipment - My list of recommended gear

Example Portable Sound System - A complete turnkey portable audio system designed for groups of 150 - 500 people

Metro Sound and Lighting - St. Paul area Pro Audio and Lighting store - Cables and road cases


Receptacle Testing

Understanding Power Consumption

Power Distribution Part 1 - Introduction and Multiple Circuits

Power Distribution Part 2 - The Poor Man’s Distro

Power Distribution Part 3 - Branch Circuit Distros

National Electrical Code

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